Jun 262012

Was Simon Boliviar was paid on session rate basis to arrange a revolution?

As of April 12 the minimum rates for hiring UK Equity fight directors have gone up by 3.5% over this time last year.  This means that now a fight director working on an Equity agreement in theatre will make at least £76.10 a session.  In the West End the minimum is now £116.65 a session. A session is of course up to three-and-a-half hours.

So that’s pretty good, right?  Er… not sure actually.  So what can we compare this to? The only other show biz union to have a register for fight directors is Continue reading »

Jun 252012

Stage Fighting: A Practical Guide by Jonathan Howell (Paperback, 2008)

Every play has its own setting, and for every choice made the door closes on other options. Feel like setting Romeo and Juliet in the far future? Genius – but no-one will be fighting with rapiers if you’ve decided everyone in that world carries a ray-gun.

It’s an odd example, I know, but it makes the point. There’s such a wide variety within the profession that it’s a real challenge to provide a comprehensive overview of stage combat situations for an actor. The good news is that more and more people are looking for ways to make the principles (and the practice!) of stage combat accessible – and one of those is the esteemed Jonathan Howell with his book Stage Fighting: A Practical Guide.

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Mar 212011

Sexy Beast | Blog | Screen International.Edmund Kingsley, Sarah Cooper, Christopher Granier Deferre, Jack Fox

YoungBlood fight directors Tim Klotz and Lawrence Carmichael were busy this weekend in Putney.

And it was well worth the trip to Putney, if only to witness two acting dynasties literally wrestling each other to the floor Continue reading »

Feb 032011

Here’s a story for the books.  Rick Sordelet, New York’s top Fight Director, and the rest of the creative team held the recent ‘Dracula’ production in New York to ransom when they were left with over $100,000 unpaid fees and expenses.  The drama unfolded at the at the Little Schubert Theatre on 42nd Street, NYC.

Most theatre managements are genuine hardworking people who give everything they can to make their plays successful.  They honour their debts and look after their artists, staff and crew to make sure the play goes off without a hitch.  Not the case here, according to the papers. Continue reading »

Oct 312010

The Telegraph reports that actor “David Birrell, was shot in the eye during a performance of ‘Passion’ at the Donmar Theatre.

The West End musical has been suspended after an actor was apparently shot in the face by accident during an on-stage duel.

Stephen Sondheim’s Passion was immediately canceled after the incident which occurred during a matinee performance on Saturday. Continue reading »

Oct 282010
Staff Fighting

There are only a few days left to sign up for the YoungBlood November All Levels Stage Combat Certification.  This will be a spectacular stage and screen combat intensive at 3 Mills Film Studios.

Great acting.  Great fights. Continue reading »

Oct 182010

Things have been interesting for YoungBlood at the Cock Tavern Theatre. The small but successful indie theatre has boldly gone forth with a complete season of six Edward Bond plays. So who is bringing the fights to life? YoungBlood’s Australian fight director Lawrence Carmichael.

Edward Bond’s work is infamous for its scenes of depraved violence and cruelty underlining bold social comment. Continue reading »

Sep 242010

Excellent!  Thank you Mr. McArthur for thinking of us in the 21st century.  We always wanted to know exactly what we should do in a duel…

F   O   R
Grounding the Learner Scientifically in the Principals.

According to John McArthur
As Set Down in:
The The Army and Navy Gentleman’s Companion:
or, a New and Complete Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Fencing. Continue reading »

Sep 222010

In August this year YoungBlood fight director Tim Klotz, went to work on a secret project.

‘I can’t possibly comment on what exactly we were doing, but it involved James May. Mr May is one of the presenters of Top Gear and other documentary programming for British TV. I can also tell you the title of the show is Man Lab.’
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Sep 072010

Here is a truly terrific (old meaning*) tale about a deeply dangerous actor combatant, John Wilkes Booth.  Perhaps his poor character and reckless manner as a stage fighter, was an indicator of his nascent infamy. Continue reading »

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