Feb 022011
Katana haruka CJ

Last year we test drove some ideas for the a new Katana (Japanese sword) curriculum as part of our Modern Martial Arts Film Fighting Workshop in November last year. We have some video for you to view and even comment on.

The YB Modern Martial Arts workshop is to be held again on March 12 & 13 and is not to be missed. Students this time will have a far freer choice of weapons or fight systems they wish to engage in for filming purposes. Some fights will be shot as studio exercises, others will be shot on location around 3 Mills Film Studios.

Click here to go to the workshop page to book your place.

The Katana section of the workshop was highly successful, and showed tremendous promise both as a movement form and for the potential of lessons it offers to the acting process in stage combat. Here is a quick example of what we came up with after only four hours of training. This quick handheld shoot was picked up in about 15-20 minutes from roughly 3 angles, moving freely with the performers throughout the scene.

The actors in this exercise are Haruka Kuroda & Toby Spearpoint.

Believe me the research is far from over. There is more work yet to be done. This would constitute the halfway point in a full Katana module.

Hope you enjoy it.

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